Winged Clothes Airer

Delivery Supplement:
  • Efficiently dries clothes and preserves fabrics for longer
  • 18m drying space, 15kg loading capacity
  • Designed with fold-out wings for extra drying space
  • Can be folded to save space when stored away
  • Sturdy steel frame with non-slip feet for added stability
Product Information
Make short work of your laundry drying with our winged airer, featuring an extra-large 18 metres of hanging space to quickly dry a variety of clothes and bedsheets at once. Its flat fold-out design is ideal for gently drying your delicates, preserving their quality, colour and shape to last longer. An efficient alternative to tumble drying, the airer prevents fabrics from shrinkage and harsh wear while saving on energy bills. Non-slip feet are attached to its strong steel frame, ensuring it stays stable when loaded with wet clothes. Lightweight and fully-foldable, the clothes airer can be easily moved and stored away after use.

L51 x W182 x H101cm
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