Wireless TV Speaker

Delivery Supplement:
  • It connects to your TV via Bluetooth
  • Includes FM radio
  • Finished with a stylish leather handle
Product Information
Most of us lose a little hearing as we get older, but when the TV volume GETS SO LOUD it irritates others, ¬it’s time to consider this clever little wireless speaker. Sitting discreetly beside you, it connects to your TV via Bluetooth or, if your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth, it can connect by using the Bluetooth booster unit and a 3.5mm male to male cable (included), bringing sound directly to you; making speech clearer and easier to hear. Includes FM radio – and even stores your TV remote control. Built-in rechargeable battery with mains adaptor. Finished with a stylish leather handle. H14.5 xW21 xD10cm.
Reviews (3)
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It is lovely it saves me from wearing headphones
By elizabeth scott,  18 Feb 2022
"Not As Advertised Re Bluetooth"
This unit doesn't connect wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled TVs. You still have to connect the dock via a cable that isn't supplied with the unit. Not impressed.
This was bought for my pensioner Dad who is annoyed it doesn't come ready to use. The jury is out on whether he will keep it.
By Emma Mooney,  25 Jan 2024
Would be ok for me, not for mum who has dementia she got agitated. So ent back.
By Janice Horley,  16 Jun 2023