Wooden Wind Chime With Black Tubes

Delivery Supplement:
  • Wooden Wind Chime with 5 Black Tubes
  • Hand tuned to create a deep and soothing tone
  • 55cm total Length
  • Hanging Hook to allow suspension from trees and brackets
  • Ancient symbols of good fortune
Product Information
This beautifully crafted wind chime is the perfect decoration for your outdoor space. Wind chimes date back thousands of years and are known to be symbols of good fortune and help to ward off bad spirits. From the wooden disc hang 5 tubes, each is hand tuned to create a deep and soothing tone, the tubes are of varying lengths meaning they each give off a different note. The calming music is created when the wind catches the wind catcher at the bottom of the chime causing the aluminium tubes to collide. The top disc, bell and wind catcher are made of natural wood and the tubes are black aluminium. The wind chime is fitted with a hook which can be used to suspend it from trees, lights or brackets. The total hanging length of the wind chime from the top of the hook to the base of the wind catcher is 55cm
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