Hand Therapy Heat Massager

Delivery Supplement:
  • 3 functions: low, medium & strong air compression, vibration & heat
  • Encourages blood flow to hands and arms
  • Relaxes muscles, reduces fatigue and eases discomfort
Product Information
Our hands are complex structures with muscles, tendons, and more than two dozen bones running through them. Over time, repetitive stress can lead to stiffness, carpal tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow and more. Using acupressure, this compact massager encourages oxygen-rich blood flow to hands and arms; relaxing muscles, reducing fatigue and encouraging movement. 3 functions: low, medium and strong air compression, vibration and heat. Features 10min timer. 1.5 hour use from 3 hour full charge via BS plug. L23.5 x W17.7 x D11.8cm.
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